To capture a dramatic, lively and exhilerarting vibe for your wedding, be bold with prominate tones for your pallete. Choose a deeper accent colours like blue iris, emerald and navy for contrast. Imagine a bag of jelly beans then thrown in the air and landed randomly, the combinations of colour will display a free and exhilarating expanse of color. Add more complexity to your palette but avoiding primary colours. Use pale grey for your neutral, then marry with vibrant mimosa, chilli pepper and tangerine. Then add a splash of softer peach, rose quartz and bluebell.


Love Couture Carousal by Lily Anna Rose, with plum satin ribbon and antique embellishment.


Expand on a playful feel with maple leaf cut escort tags – with a pop of lavender ink calligraphy by Mary Noble.


Wedding invitations designed esspecially for the iconic Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth. Discover more bespoke wedding stationery designs by Lily Anna Rose.


Queen Bee macaron favours are a real treat for guests. A flavoursome accompaniment to a wedding cake centrepiece. The liquorice flavoured pops are delicious! Photo by Adam Sainte Croix.


Handcrafted seating plan with beautiful lustre paper and coral bow.


Bridal Flowers Direct created these gorgeous bright floral displays in simple low level and easy-to-forrage vessels. Photo by Adam Sainte Croix.


Posted: 16/05/2016 20:10:15


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