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August 15, 2017


Rose tinted

'Depending on its value or intensity pink has diverse mood swings'. Lee Eiseman, executive director of Pantone.

Let us analyse pink. It can be vivid, shocking or even lacking-in-responsibility. Hot pinks share the same high energy and as red. Hot pink is energetic, youthful, wild and even riskier than red, due to it’s faddish perception. Bubble gum pinks can look immature. Yet see how the mood instantly changes with plums and fuchsia. If you’re after a more sophisticated theme to your wedding then lean to these richer hues for a more theatrical and sensual feel. 

When toned down and saturated the intensity of hot pink is replaced with romance. Sweet dusty pinks and mauves are softer, subtle and sentimental. Which is why pink is the feminine timeless favourite for weddings colours. 

Think health 'rosey glow' to skin and optimisum for life; 'looking at the world through rose-coloured spectacles'. Pink spells: happy and sweet.

Words adpated from Pantone Colour Guide to Communication by Leatrice Eiseman. For more ideas on trends and colours visit Pantone.

From left: the utter romance and pure talent of Stella de Libero perfectly illustrated the use of the red and pink hues. Stunning detailed sugar roses styled by Gemma at Tartufi Cakes. 

Couture Love, Bloom order of the day by Lily Anna Rose inspired by Marilyn wedding gown by Sassi Holford. Get the look with delicate soft pink tea roses and red berries. Radiant orchid and bodacious candlelight, styled by Emma at Arcade Flowers on location at Chewton Glen, photography by Abi Chadwick.

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