Your wedding encapsulates your love story. Furthermore the message is entwined by two spirits, bound together for life through one creation. Your design is about your journey to here and your new voyage beyond as a committed couple.

Weddings are different from other events, they are a statement, and whilst planning is unique to each client, balancing the look and function can seem like an overwhelming task.

Lily Anna Rose has many years experience and the purpose has always been to provide the personal touch. People working with people to create stationery that is special and unique.


So how do you achieve an invitation that is admired? Firstly guests should feel exclusive. After all, they are the chosen ones. Alluring guests’ by sending elegant aide memoirs, allows a glimpse into the expectations and tone of your day.

Invites with an incorrect spelling of a guest or with emphasis on a gift list will slip into the recipients’ kitchen drawer.

Adding beautiful calligraphy or printing names and addresses to envelopes wins hearts and minds. Personal touches include a calligraphy addressed envelope, which ensures this keepsake is treasured. 


While professionals inspire and colour choice is pure taste, couples drive trends. Hyge whites, soft creams with forest green, and combinations of dusty pinks and power blues are popular choices. High-quality uncoated papers and fine typography are a must. Monograms are a timeless addition. Ascension to love in 2024.

Traditionally a single-use event, it is easy to make environmentally conscious choices for your wedding. Since 2019, Lily Anna Rose has omitted embellishments and layered decoupage cards with accompanying information sheets. The tri-fold square invitation performs beautifully, printed inside and centre-stage is the wedding information. Another option is the quirky concertina postcard with perforation that acts as a self-addressed reply card.

Hot foil cards, are a dry, solvent-free method of printing, and provided the board is recyclable, it can be disposed of in waste streams. Reducing waste on processes and materials is Lily Anna Rose’s objective, while style and quality, are uncompromisable. In this micro-factory, paper is supplied from responsibly sourced paper mills, at the quantity required.


Ideally, invitations along with reply cards and a supporting information sheet should be arriving on guests’ doormats with as much notice as possible. A question that is repeatedly asked by my clients is when should invitations be posted. There is no right answer as it depends on your agenda. Traditionally six weeks is ample time to distribute wedding memoirs. However, to avoid clashes, with your far-flung family and friends it is advisable to give as much notice. Up to 5 months is reasonable. Twelve months is acceptable.


The small but mighty R.S.V.P. keep markers on whose attending. Include a reply card and a self-addressed envelope as part of your invitation package, helping save precious time and move your preparations along as planned. Furthermore a response will romp if you stick a stamp on the envelope.


Spare your invitation of clutter and only include the where, when and who. Less really is more. An information sheet includes time of arrival, the venue address and directions with a map, menu choices, and contact details.