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Did you know that Lily Anna Rose Stationery was born in 2007, the same week as her wee Scottish name-sake 'Lily Anna Rose Bell' – the daughter of her dear friend.


​Way back when Lily Anna Rose Stationery was created with just a handful of pennies and a dream! It was the hope of making a better life for both her and her family. The desire of creating beautiful things for wonderful couples. Following a catastrophic series of events, she made the decision to be brave! She wasn’t going to be beaten by redundancy or be dissuaded by the struggles of being a single-parent. So much so, Lily Anna Rose was nominated 'Barclays Trading Places Top 100 Business in Barclays Trading Places Awards' in 2009.

"I poured love and passion into the new adventure. Years on and I am happily married. Lily Anna Rose has blossomed and become an important part of our family. Each and every couple has played a special part in this wonderful journey".
In the studio, Claire at work, 2009



"I’m always refreshing my signature wedding style – to maintain a distinctive individuality for the each season’s stylish bride. I hope to ignite the imagination by designing unique Couture Love collections inspired by stunning historic venues, antique textiles and romantic tales of yesteryear but with a unique contemporary edge. And just like a love story, the classic stationery designs become timeless keepsakes to treasure."

Lily Anna Rose is a microfactory and bespoke stationery assures that what is ordered creates minimal waste.
"I literally buy what is required to do the job. Supply is from responsibly sourced paper mills."



If you look on a UK map you can just make out the small town of Portchester in Hampshire.
"It is here that I work and welcome clients to share ideas and create something unique and special."
10 years on Claire in the studio with her daughter Sophia, 2019