Top wedding planner Dahlia Hill

In dreams and love, there are no impossibilities is Dahlia’s Hills strapline, and she means it.

And with 20 years’ experience of planning weddings in Dubai, America, Singapore, and Europe, she knows how to make the flappable, unflappable and create a picture-perfect wedding? With Dahlia at your side the word ‘stress’ is banished. What is the secret to Dahlia Hill’s, success?

Upon the first introduction, you instantly know you are in good company. Dahlia’s calm voice is immediately reassuring, making you feel like your wedding will be wrapped in cashmere with a bow on top. An experienced and passionate international wedding coordinator, based in Hampshire, a self-confessed perfectionist, read on as she reveals how to work well with clients of many cultures.

After all, weddings shouldn’t be hyped with the ‘s’ word.

What sets Dahlia Hill apart from other wedding planners?

She explains, ‘My warm and friendly approach can also do attitude – when required to deal with stressful situations that affect my clients. I have a sense of humour, which is helpful when needing to lighten moments. But being a good listener is the best attribute to help couples achieve their ultimate day. My time as wedding planner at the prestigious Chewton Glen Hotel and Spa taught me that it is definitely ‘all about them’.

What are the essential attributes Dahlia Hill has?

Problem-solving is all about getting the right solution for my clients. Understanding my clients and having a proper eye for detail allows me to use my experience to know what’s best for them intuitively. And even after 20 years in the business, there are still endless situations to learn lessons.

Staying calm and being jolly, patient, and professional helps to keep couples at ease. I am utterly passionate about what I do. I love people and romance. I enjoy the quirks and curve balls that get thrown while organizing a lifetime event.

What should couples consider before choosing a wedding planner?

Couples need to consider what they mutually require carefully. They need to think about how they are going to achieve their goals within the budget available to them. A good planner will be precise and help to manage expectations. Opt for a wedding planner who can honestly help achieve wishes realistically to avoid disappointment.

Most couples have a perception that a wedding planner is an expensive ‘busybody’. When in fact a wedding planner is there to save you money, help you avoid unnecessary stress, and be a friendly but impartial confident when things get too much.

A good wedding planner will undoubtedly ensure all your dreams and plans come together – on the most important day of your life.

It is my pleasure to be of service, and I am always humbled to be chosen to be a part of such a momentous occasion.


If you had a dream wedding you could plan, who, what, and where would it be?

It would be for a couple who had found love later in life or under challenging circumstances. Perhaps held at a destination with a romantic but personal story attached. Included with everything they had both ever dreamed of and thought impossible. Weddings are so intimate and individual. My job is to create a wedding that my clients’ dream of, not what I want.

You have worked on some spectacular weddings – what is the most challenging situation that you have to manage?

I am sure you are expecting me to say rustling up a camel at the last minute; straightening a wonky cake; sewing a bridesmaid into her dress; rescuing a wandering child from a pond or contending with the good old English weather. But to be honest, the most challenging of all is family politics – especially when there is family friction, and members do not get along. They forget the consideration for the couple whose wedding it is.

I find creating a happy atmosphere, using distraction tactics, and politely reminding said persons why they are there in the first place usually works.

If all else fails, then book a taxi and send them home.

Last of all, while couples are on a budget for their big day – what five things would Dahlia Hill recommend that a couple should invest in?

Wedding planner – of course! To alleviate stress and ensure all your wedding daydreams come true, on time and within budget.

Wedding stationery – invitations give the first impressions while setting the scene for your wedding day. It prepares your guests and engages them with your plans.

Wedding dress – you want everyone to go ‘wow’ when you walk in the room, including your future husband, right?

Food and drink – after all your guests will be expecting a celebration to toast to your bright future – so let’s get this party started.

Photographer – to capture your memories that will last forever and to share with generations to come. And to give you both the warmest of smiles on even the stormiest of days.

For more details about Dahlia Hill Weddings, you can email or call +44(0)794 737 1847

On location at Heathfield House and Chewton Glen

Art direction by Dahlia Hill


Art direction by Dahlia Hill Weddings

Photography by Charlotte Bryer-Ash

Dresses supplied by Anna Bridal

Flowers by Emma at Arcade Flowers

Photography by Abi Chadwick

Hair styled by Mel at Bridal Hair in Hampshire and model’s makeup by Anna Dora

Flowers and bouquets by Emma at Arcade Flowers

Joe Gastro was creating intricate canapes.

Gowns supplied by Natalie Hamer’s from Exquisite Brides, Winchester

Shoes supplied by Harriett Wilde

Thank you to models, Tom, Sarah, and Sophie and to all the wedding suppliers involved from Hampshire and Dorset.

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